Meet The Board of Directors


James Parenteau – Executive Director

James has had a passion for flying and traveling ever since growing up in Italy with his missionary family. After moving to Mount Juliet in 2020 while on furlough from his airline job, James met board member Rev. Russ Fairbanks and Co-Founder Bill Jackson at Covenant Fellowship Church of the Nazarene. When he asked Bill what he could do to help out with Life Recovery, Bill asked him to come on board and help the organization develop the programs the board has wanted to have since its inception. Today, James uses his years of training and experience in multi-tasking and managing complex environments and his over 11 years in recovery to bring the organization closer to its goals of helping community members find freedom from the bondage of addiction.

Clarinda Burton-Shannon, M.D. – Chairman & Secretary

Affectionately known as “Doc C,” our Board President hails from Philadelphia, PA, and got her undergraduate degree from Cheyney University. She attended medical school at Meharry Medical College in Nashville and completed her residency at Meharry Hubbard Hospital. Doc C started practicing medicine in Wilson County in 1988 and has been here ever since. While practicing obstetrics and seeing numerous patients experiencing and recovering from addiction, Doc C developed a special heart for helping people struggling with SUDs. Since she’s no longer doing deliveries, Doc can continue to provide a service for those struggling with addiction and recovery through the ministry of Life Recovery.

Bill Jackson – Founder & Director Emeritus

Bill was born in Alabama in 1931 and just celebrated his 90th birthday. He grew up on a farm, and eventually, after feeling a call to preach, he went to college. Life-long experience in pastoring and counseling parishioners who had dealt with alcohol and substance addictions, and having a family member addicted to crack cocaine, led Bill to co-found Life Recovery. Bill also remembers the death of a man he had counseled. A few years after trying to help the man, Bill heard a news story of a terrible car accident where the driver was instantly killed. With the fervor of his belief that addictions are one of the worst maladies in our society and the decades of experience in the pulpit, Bill is helping lead the organization to usher in a new era of addiction recovery.

Dean Jackson – Co-Founder

Born in Alabama, Dean married Bill when they were young adults. More than just a pastor’s wife, Dean has been Bill’s partner, best friend, and supporter for 70 years as of September 2021. Dean has often been an organizer. She’s taught lessons on canning, housecleaning, and setting tables. A promoter as young as age 13, Dean has always longed to help her community. Having witnessed alcoholism in her family of origin, Dean has had compassion for helping people grow out of their addictions longer than she can remember. Dean’s desire to help young people find diversions preventing them from entering addiction can be traced back to one of the churches the Jackson’s pastored in the early 1970s. Dean is excited to see lives being changed through Life Recovery today. Getting addicts’ attention, getting them help, and witnessing them have a better life is at the core of her ministry right now.


Becky Huerta – Treasurer

Born in Virginia Beach, VA, Becky migrated to Middle Tennessee when her daughter finished schooling at Trevecca Nazarene University and had Becky’s first granddaughter. A full-time project support analyst for a hospital software company, Becky also helps keep the books at her home church. Becky has seen multiple family members battle with addictions as well as dual-diagnosis situations. Yet, she passionately believes everyone deserves a chance at a better life. Because nothing in this world is free, we must maintain wisdom with our money. Becky leans on her 20-plus years of experience as a bookkeeper to keep Life Recovery organized to ensure fiduciary responsibility when we embark on the many projects we have planned to help our community.